6 heads High Speed JasOeuf

To fit the new Moba M150 farmpacker (54,000 eggs/hour), Jason has developped a new printer :

6 heads High Speed JasEgg

On M150 only 6 heads printer is available.

Modification compared to the previous Jas'Oeuf 6 heads :

Important technological innovations:

The weight of the movable part of the print module is divided by 3 :
This allows high speed printing (about 300 to 350 mm/s instead of 100 to 120mm/s)
Less shock = better print quality  = less fouling of the module (and of the head)
Improved ski-head protection 

New font character:
We now offer a 40x15 dot font (height x width) instead of 48x18
The size is quite acceptable and you can save up to 36% with the same print quality

Variable print Quality:
To optimize the use of ink, Jason has developed a new option that allow the customer to adapt the ink quantity to the product to be printed.
Rather than having ink quality (high, standard, medium or low) it's now possible to choose through a variable quality :
Maximum resolution is 100%, that correspond to 360 dpi (high resolution), then can be decrease in 11 possible qualities:
100%, 87%, 75%,62%, 50%, 44%, 37%, 31%,25%,19%,12%

So we can adjust the ink resolution to fit the egg colour.
For a customer with white eggs, the best compromise is to adjust the resolution between 19% to 25% ; on brown eggs 37% to 44%.

Combined to the new 40 dots font, it is very interesting for the customer, and can be a good argument compare to competitors that can only move from high resolution (100%) to medium (50%).

Original message 1 :
48x18-1.jpg     Font  48x18 quality Standard : 
     Total number of message per cartridge : 257 000 msg

Or message 2
30x22.jpg  Font = 30x22 quality Standard : 
  Total number of message per cartridge : 349 000 msg

New possible message:

40x15.jpg      Font = 40x15 quality 37% : Total number of message per cartridge : 475 000 msg
      (+85% compare to original message 1)

               Next quality : 44% ; 419 000 msg/cart
               (+63% compare to original message 1)