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Jason, with its headquarters based in Valence (26), South East of France, designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial printers for marking food packaging.
In May 2003 a sales and technical support office was opened in Ploufragan (22), North West France.
To meet the final customer’s tracking expectations and to respect the increasingly strict traceability regulations, the food industry requires very high quality printing on their product packaging.
JASON has been developing printers since 1993 in response to this need. Developing printers specifically designed for use in food packaging factories : small in size, easy to integrate into the existing production line and easy to use.
- Ink jet (throwaway print head and cartridge)
- Thermal transfer (for labels)
The hard work and innovative ideas paid off in 2000 when JASON was awarded with a well respected packaging industry award the “Oscar de l’Emballage” for the JAS 100 printer.
In November 2005 JASON was rewarded again for the Jas’ M printer, one of the smalleast printer on the market !
In October 2007 MOBA UK and JASON have signed an agreement of supply.
MOBA UK is now the exlusive distributor for the Jason’printers in United Kingdom and EIRE.
That agreement between the two companies ’ll allow MOBA UK to propose a new range of printers to its customers, to replace the old labelling systems installed there.

Today, JASON is widely present throughout France, both in industrial and artisanal sectors, and is able to offer products that are adapted to the needs of each individual production type.
* Ink jet printing on boxes at the end of the egg packaging production line
* Thermal printing for tracing systems (Bar Code, LOT Nb, Expiry Date, article…)
* Printing on biscuit and frozen produce packaging
* Printing directly onto wooden or cardboard trays for the fruit and vegetable market
* Printing on cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging
* Printing on labels for the wine, cider and champagne markets

JASON is also present on the export market, notably in  Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Sweden  and Finland.  

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