New Jas 900

Jason annonced a new version of the Jas 900 Printer.new_026.gif




New features :

Printing on carton or plastic packs; the cartridge change is automatically detected to select the appropriate print driver (water-based ink or alcohol based)

Print module is motor driven to allows height adapted to each type of box.

Monobloc cartridge to ensure an optimum quality and cartridge capacity multiplied by 3. Ink level is integrated into the the cartridge, with auto update.

Print height is 12 mm to print 4 lines. 300 dpi


Ability to print DATAMATRIX codes (2D)

Compatibility with the Moba Omnia Pack-Print option and Moba messages selection from the MMI software

Jas 900 omnia

New electronics:
- 32-bit RISC multi-processor architecture  (105 Mips)
- 6 layers CMS Technology

- High speed commnication
- High protection against electrical interferences

New design:
- Tactile interface operator panel
- Rear connectors protected by a cover.


And always :

Direct connection on Omnia Network

Natural integration into the production cycle: no handling of boxes

A modular printer: Input/Output communication ; axis displacement / trolley head

Messages settings based on the box to print:
- Margin, gap and number of repeats
- Print Quality adjustable in percent, Resolution
- Print direction normal or reverse

- Pack height new_026.gif

Boite carton sur omnia2

A unique printhead whatever the type of box (1x10, 1x12, 1x15, 1x18, 2x6, 2x4, 3x4 ...).
No handling, parameters are sent through network

Automatic calculation of dates (Best Before, Display Until, Laying date ...)

Software update via remote maintenance.